Led teeth whitening

If you want to have white teeth and a beautiful smile, LED teeth whitening is one of the best options available because it is fast and effective. One of the great advantages of this type of teeth whitening is that when using LED technology the results are very good from the first appointment. With this type of whitening the stains caused by the ingestion of food with dyes, wine or tobacco are definitely eliminated.

What is Led Teeth Whitening?

As in other treatments, LED tooth whitening is based on the application of a whitening gel based on hydrogen peroxide. This gel will release molecules thus clarifying the internal tissues (dentine) without damaging it, whitening the teeth from the first session.

What function does the LED light or cold light lamp perform? The objective of applying this technology is to accelerate the whitening process. By exposing the whitening gel to cold light, it releases molecules more quickly and causes whitening to be faster, the results being seen earlier.  In this way, a white shade is achieved as the superficial tissue that covers our teeth is removed.

In most cases, photoactivation sessions with LED light can be programmed in a single appointment. In addition, this type of whitening includes a dental cleaning by ultrasound which helps the patient observe the results from the first appointment.

Thanks to LED light your teeth whitening will be brighter

Without a doubt, the LED teeth whitening system is another alternative to have whiter teeth.

Advantages and disadvantages

It is completely painless, economical and easy to apply. It can be performed by any registered dentist and its results are very good from the first session.

It is safe, does not involve surgery and its success is scientifically proven. It does not affect the health of your teeth, in addition, being supervised by a dentist safety and success are guaranteed.

The only drawback is that, like other whitening treatments, it can cause transient tooth sensitivity. Especially in people with chronic sensitivity problems.

It is not suitable for all patients. For cases in which the teeth have been darkened by tetracyclines this treatment is not effective. For these cases there are other types of whitening specially designed for these cases.

What is the price of Led teeth whitening?

The average price of LED teeth whitening is approximately 300 €. Remember that the price can vary depending on the city you are in and the dental clinic you go to.

The main benefit of LED teeth whitening is that the patient obtains white teeth in just 1 hour, thus achieving a healthier dentition and improving self-esteem. However, the psychological aspect does not represent the only benefit of this dental whitening, since it has been demonstrated in several studies that the components used to carry out this technique work to fight infections through a powerful antibacterial effect.


In this way, bacterial plaque is reduced and the wound healing process is accelerated. It is a very quick and simple technique to apply, completely safe and harmless to the patient. That is why more and more people are undergoing this treatment, which can reach up to eight shades during whitening.
The most important thing if you want to undergo a teeth whitening with LED, is to go to a professional. Many people suffer the consequences of doing this procedure at home, because mistakes are always made.

When performing this procedure at home, many patients have complained of irritation due to the misuse of hydrogen peroxide.
Many people have doubts about the length of treatment. In this regard, it is important to maintain the correct time (20 minutes per session). If you do not respect this time limit, the result will not be visible.
People who have tried the treatment are satisfied, due to a significant difference from the time before the procedure. You must remember that the teeth will not be completely white, but there will be an important change.
Many patients have found that the use of whitening splints reinforce the treatment for a while. Everyone has consulted with their doctor before doing so.

According to a study published in the Open Dentistry Journal, LED whitening can be effective in helping speed up the whitening process. When combined with carbamide peroxide-based whitening agents, LED light has been shown to be a powerful catalyst for speeding up teeth whitening. It also makes for a much safer experience when compared to traditional UV light whitening.

As for its safety, LED light by all accounts seems to be a pretty safe thing. Doing at-home whitening with LED light kits can be done very safely, with minimal complications. The biggest risk of these kits are not from the LED light, but from the whitening agents used, as they typically contain a form of bleach which can be toxic. You may find some sensitivity and gum irritation after using one of these kits, but that should go away shortly after treatment is completed.

The biggest draws for LED light whitening kits are the fact that they are very affordable when compared to whitening done at a dentist’s office. They are also highly convenient, allowing you to whiten in the comfort of your home.

emember, teeth whitening is never permanent, and should not be used a substitute for practicing proper oral hygiene. It should be noted that it is possible to overdo teeth whitening, which can result in damaging the enamel of your teeth if done too often. Overall LED light teeth whitening is a solid advancement in at-home treatment, and can be done safely and effectively at a fraction of the cost

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