Teeth Whitening Pastes

A bright smile is synonymous with health and personal cleanliness, so people try to have whiter teeth using a variety of at-home whitening methods, using teeth whitening pastes.Whitening toothpastes are a mixture of chemicals that are used both for everyday oral hygiene and to remove stains from the enamel.

One of the basic properties of this toothpaste is the high concentration of sodium and fluorine in its composition. Fluoride is the most important element because it has the ability to bind to the hydroxyapatite crystals present in the enamel and thus forms fluorapatite crystals, a compound that is much more resistant to the acidic environment of the oral cavity.

Teeth Whitening Pastes – How do bleaching pastes work?

There are two main mechanisms: bleaching to remove stains and bleaching to prevent stains.

It removes stains: This teeth whitening system works through chemical and physical means, such as destabilising the discolouration structure with sodium hexametaphosphate and peeling with fine pieces of silica. Together, these actions destroy stains and reveal a whiter, more polished surface. This method is so effective that it uses many bleaching products.

It prevents discolouration: In order for the toothpaste to chemically prevent discoloration, it must contain a certain amount of phosphates, such as sodium hexametaphosphate or sodium polyphosphate and tetrapotassium pyrophosphate. Like any toothpaste or mouthwash with tartar-preventing properties, it also prevents stains.

Teeth Whitening Pastes-Are these toothpastes effective?

It depends on many factors. But generally speaking, a good or bad whitening result is determined by the toothpaste:

  • Your whitening system
  • Frequency of application
  • People’s eating habits

However, when we talk about the whitening system, we mean the method used by the manufacturer to obtain whiter teeth. Many studies have shown that the most effective and safest toothpastes for teeth whitening are toothpastes combining micro-particles exfoliating with the chemical reaction of phosphates. Unlike toothpastes containing carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, which not only have a negligible concentration, but are also extremely aggressive to enamel.

On the other hand, there is the frequency of use and eating habits. There is no point in using bleaching paste twice or three times a week, preferably once a day. The same happens with habits, there is no point in brushing a hundred times if we do not reduce the intake of coffee, cola and other dark drinks.

Our opinion on tooth whitening toothpaste

Based on our professional experience and various studies on the subject, we can conclude that tooth whitening products are products that are able to achieve discreet results that are never comparable to expert whitening. If we consider the cost of teeth whitening, this type of product can of course compensate, but this is not the only factor that needs to be investigated.

Since they can only remove the top layer of stains or external stains from the tooth, they do not completely remove internal stains, nor are they strong enough to change the natural colour of the tooth. A controlled application, however, helps to maintain the natural colour, preventing tartar build-up, stains and external stains.

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