You will have asked yourself many times the teeth whitening price, before recommending a specific whitening treatment, in this article we are going to explain the different types of there are at present, computer by price:

How much does teeth whitening cost?

Tooth Whitening Price

If you want to have your teeth whitened but don’t know how much these treatments cost, you’re in the right place. As specialists in this technique, we want to guide you. Next we show you the prices according to the type of treatment.

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Home teeth whitening price

This type of tooth whitening consists of placing transparent plastic splints with the measurements of each patient’s mouth.
On several occasions a gel is usually applied that can cause a slight tooth sensitivity, but usually disappears once the treatment is over.
The price of teeth whitening is quite cheap and can cost about 150-200 dollars.

Dental Whitening LED price

It is a little more expensive than at-home teeth whitening, but your results are more optimal and much more efficient.
Through a single session of less than an hour the patient will get a much whiter smile showing teeth whiter and with a more even color.
This treatment consists of applying a whitening gel on the teeth. Subsequently, to intensify the effect of the gel, an LED light is applied that will fix the color of the teeth.
And how much is this whitening worth?
The price of LED teeth whitening is very close to that which is done at home and usually does not exceed 280 dollars.


  1. LED teeth whitening is faster than other whitening treatments.
  2. This type of treatment can be received by almost anyone, as long as they have a healthy oral hygiene. Nevertheless, it will be the dentist who will have to evaluate in a personalized way if the person is optimal or not to receive the treatment.
  3. This method can be applied in any dental clinic that has LED technology.


  1. During the treatment you will be able to feel enough sensitivity in the teeth, so it is important the meticulous care during the days of treatment.
  2. During and after the treatment it is advisable to eat a “white diet”.
  3. The cost of laser tooth whitening may vary from patient to patient.

Laser Teeth whitening price

Laser tooth whitening is undoubtedly the fastest and most effective way to achieve white teeth. Laser light is used to activate the whitening gel that absorbs light energy and penetrates the enamel of the teeth to increase the whitening effect on them.
The only drawback is that, although it allows teeth to whiten several shades, its immediate and rapid whitening effects are unstable over time and usually last little.

Tooth Whitening Price

Combined Teeth Whitening Price

This type of treatment is carried out in a dental clinic in a first phase and from home in a second phase. In the first session, which is carried out in the clinic, a whitening will be carried out with cold light or LED.

In the second phase, the dentist will explain to the patient the process of how to perform the dental whitening at home, providing them with custom-made splints and the whitening component. The concentration of the treatment and the duration will be stipulated by the specialist.

Advantages of this treatment

  1. It’s the most effective treatment.
  2. In a few days you will have an impeccable smile.
  3. It is a completely painless treatment.

Inconveniences of this treatment

  1. Because of its effectiveness it is the most expensive treatment.
  2. As in all other types of whitening, if you do not have a dye-free diet during treatment, your teeth may stain severely. This is because while receiving this treatment the pores of the teeth are open, and thus it is easier to contract unwanted pigments.
  3. It can cause sensitivity in the gums.


Internal Whitening Price

Whitening of non-vital teeth is used when the tooth has changed colour due, for example, to endodontics. This happens because when the nerve is killed, the tooth always changes colour and turns greyish. Another reason for color change may be due to patients who have received trauma. A strong blow to the tooth can cause that tooth to necrose and consequently change color.

In these cases, it is best to apply an internal whitening of the tooth. One of the great advantages of this type of treatment is that it is a minimally invasive dental technique. In this case, the dentist, on the back of the tooth will make a small perforation to introduce carbamide peroxide, which is the compound responsible for lightening the color of the tooth. The carbamide peroxide will gradually whiten the tooth from its internal structures (hence its name). In a short time the tooth will acquire the same shade of color as the adjacent tooth.


  1. The whitening process begins inside the tooth, that is to say, you can be sure that you will have a uniform colouring.
  2. It is excellent for those teeth that have root canals, since it will improve the appearance of the tooth without harming the orthodontic treatment to which it has been submitted.


  1. This type of treatment is only received by a qualified specialist.
  2. It can cause sensitivity in the dentine.

Whitening with whitening products

On the other hand, it is possible to perform teeth whitening at home using professional or natural whitening products. Within these it is important to point out that there are many homemade methods with natural products that can be very harmful to oral health. For example, the use of sodium bicarbonate and lemon juice. Methods such as this are highly corrosive to the enamel of our teeth and in no case are recommended.

Professional whitening products can be a more reliable alternative. These are products created by recognized brands that buy without having to go to a specialist, this type of whiteners are standardized to be used in any type of denture, the price of teeth whitening this type of whiteners can vary depending on the quality of the product you are going to buy, it is estimated that a whitener can vary between 10 to 30 €.

Advantages of whitening products

You can perform the treatment comfortably from home.

You can whiten your teeth with a natural product.

Among the treatments from home are the splints, and are the most recommended if you want to do the whitening from home, as these splints have been previously modified and adapted by a specialist.


There are natural treatments that can whiten teeth but cause irreversible damage to the texture and sensitivity of the teeth.

In the absence of specialist supervision, the risks of suffering an oral injury increase.

The whitening time can extend from weeks to months, there are even cases where no results are observed.

How much is a tooth whitening? Our Opinion

Many people wonder what teeth whitening is worth, but the first thing to be clear about before undergoing teeth whitening treatment is that only a dental health specialist can determine which whitening treatment will be best for you. Remember that teeth whitening prices can vary depending on the city you’re in and that most treatments include how much a cleaning and teeth whitening costs.

Receiving a teeth whitening treatment under the supervision of a specialist in dentistry, will guarantee a whitening appropriate to your teeth and reduce the chances of suffering irreversible risks.

Currently there are several types of whitening, you can receive any of the treatments mentioned, some of them will be adjusted to your income.

Many times patients do not know how many times they can undergo dental whitening treatments, such treatments must have a limit. Each denture is different, some patients will have to resort to repeated whitening treatments. Either by the hardness of their teeth, the stains that present, or in the case of being exposed to constant chemical foods.

A home treatment can cause irreversible damage if it is not done correctly. That’s why we recommend, to resort to a qualified specialist will always be the best option.